Adium vervangt iChat in MacOS X 10.5?

Even aandacht voor [URL=]dit[/URL] bericht! Het was wel 1 april toen dit bericht werd geplaatst! :evil: Het zou overigens wel mooi zijn. Veel meer instel mogelijkheden.

grapjassen :? ...

zullen ze toch eerst eens videochat moeten toevoegen....

het was toch gisteren 1 april? :?

edit mode on… oh ja, het was ook een bericht van gisteren, maar ik denk nog steeds dat het een lame grap is… edit mode off

Geloof je het zelf :x [quote:4b6ae75edf] Other features of the merged Adium-ChatKit-iChat experience: Buzz support, integrates with your iPod (now you can be BUZZed on the go!) External Buzz: Adium can knock on your friends' doors to let them know they have messages waiting (requires external hardware, not included) Security feature: contact list moves away from your mouse cursor, making it impossible for unauthorized users to double-click on your contacts Pink Adiumy Boredom meter measures time since last message; can be configured to ring when the conversation is getting too boring Intel Core Duo Smart contact list groups with iTunes integration Wireless integration with iPod's games: Play games like Brick and Music Quiz over IM .Mac synchronization Live graphics Close widgets have been freshly polished Click wheel Built-in disc-burning support — IM on the go! Support for IM over RFC 1149 transports (with the Duck-Pigeon Adapter) Even more tasty sandwiches Some features are still in development, and will come in a future (post-Leopard) release: Electroshock buzz (requires external power supply and plug-in) Popcorn IM over Blu-Ray (requires that both you and your contact be downhill from each other) Interplanetary IM [/quote:4b6ae75edf]