Apple introduceert: Motion, Shake 3.5, Final Cut Pro HD en..

Apple introduces:

Final Cut Pro HD
Edit, finish and deliver HD, SD and DV media for film, video and TV using emmy-award winning, XML-enabled Final Cut Pro HD; now providing DVCPRO HD video support, the Digital Cinema Desktop and RT Extreme enhanced for HD.

Create professional motion graphics for film, video, TV and DVDs using Motion, a breakthrough offering self-propelled animation technology and real-time previewing for spontaneous and intuitive motion graphics creation.

DVD Studio Pro 3
Design, build and author state-of-the art DVDs using comprehensive authoring tools that include new auto-generated transitions, the Graphical View, DTS audio support and high quality HD to MPEG-2 encoding.

Shake 3.5
Design and composite stunning corrective and fantastic visual effects for film and HD using Shake. Render using Qmaster, the industrial-strength, scalable network rendering manager free with Shake for Mac OS X.

Expand your network horizons with Xsan, an enterprise-class storage networking solution that’s surprisingly affordable. Xsan lets multiple computers concurrently access terabytes of storage on Xserve RAID over high-speed Fibre Channel.

Logic Pro 6
Emagic’s computer-based music production software elegantly combines composition, notation and production with all emagic plugins and instruments.

En Logic. Hé, ik wist niet dat Logic uit de Apple-stal kwam? of opgenomen was. mooi spul wel (maar peperduur)

[quote:4bdbfd0dc4="angorawol"]En Logic. Hé, ik wist niet dat Logic uit de Apple-stal kwam? of opgenomen was. mooi spul wel (maar peperduur)[/quote:4bdbfd0dc4]

ik dacht dat logic was gekocht door apple…

Nee Emagic is gekocht door Apple. (Waarna de Windows versie verdween.)

Emagic maakt Logic, en is dus dochter van Apple.