Beta Testers for Adrenalin racing

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Ik ben zelf nederlands, maar omdat ik dit berichtje op meerdere forums ze is het in het engels.

[b:52ab8d615b]Ik heb nu (19 december 2003) 12 testers, maar ik kan er nog meer gebruiken[/b:52ab8d615b]

The game is called Adrenalin Racing and is actually an OS X port of a game i made 4 years ago. The graphics were even for that time not state of the art, but i have changed a lot about the game and gameplay is greatly improved and at least on my system it does not crash any more. I have a 550 mhz powerbook G4, 512mb ram (8mb ati rage video) and i want some testing on different systems than my own. I get about 12 FPS (min 5 FPS, max 15FPS) so a 600mhz G3 might be the minimum. Keep in mind that the classic version got 20FPS on a imac 333 (64bit 6mb video). Still i wouldn’t mind knowing the performance on a iMac 350mhz for example or on system 10.1/10.2 (if it runs at all on non-panther). Email me if you are interested at (aracing at: (spam hack)

note: the file will be about 8 mb. If you contact me please tell me what kind of computer you have and which version of OS X you have.

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