Beta testers gezocht voor CMS systeem (Filemaker & Lasso)

Iemand interesse om beta tester te worden ? Meer uitleg hieronder of via een PM :-)

This is an invitation to beta test myFMbutler SHoebox 3.0 SDK for Lasso 8. is conducting a focused beta test of SHoebox 3.0 and needs qualified testers who will be able to devote some time to test SHoebox over the next couple of weeks.

myFMbutler SHoebox 3.0 is a CMS system that allows users to easily maintain the content of their web site(s).
It consists of a FileMaker-based client application, where users can manage the content of their web site using an intuitive interface, along with a number of predefined web site templates that will determine the basic look & feel of the site. These templates can easily be modified by a web developer.

The SHoebox client application contains a synchronization mechanism that makes updating the content of a web site and uploading images and documents via FTP as easy a clicking a single button.

Currently, the SHoebox client synchronizes the data using Lasso 8 or higher.
The data source that the SHoebox client will synchronize with on the side of the web server can either be a FileMaker 7/8 database that is stored on a FileMaker Server Advanced or it can be a MySQL database.

The myFMbutler SHoebox 3.0 SDK for Lasso contains all you need to get started:

  • SHoebox client application ( requires FileMaker Pro 7 or 8 )
  • Several Lasso templates
  • Templates for the web databases, whether FileMaker Server Advanced, or mySQL

In order to participate in the beta test we ask that you:

  • Own a copy of FileMaker 7 or 8 on Mac OS X or Windows 2000/XP.
  • Are able to spend time testing myFMbutler SHoebox 3.0 immediately.

Experience with Lasso and FileMaker or mySQL is desirable, but not required. The beta software includes a single-site version of SHoebox which you can use to test the site you create with SHoebox.

Please write to < beta AT > if you have any questions or would like to participate. Once we receive your response, we will forward you information about how to download the SHoebox 3.0 beta as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your interest!



content manager system?

benk zelf ook mee bezig, binnenkort is het klaar:

Vind de eisen een beetje te hoog. En offline content management... heeft dat nog een toekomst?

[quote:30b0274deb="chlorophyl"]Vind de eisen een beetje te hoog. En offline content management... heeft dat nog een toekomst?[/quote:30b0274deb]

Bedankt voor je reactie,

Binnen de Filemaker Gebruikers Groep is er wel degelijk vraag naar zo’n product, en voor zo’n mensen zijn de eisen helemaal niet hoog. We richten ons dus niet echt naar particulieren, maar eerder naar KMO’s en grotere bedrijven.


[quote:460b433d43="guess"]content manager system?

benk zelf ook mee bezig, binnenkort is het klaar:[/quote:460b433d43]

Laat maar komen een extra playstation site! It rules! :smiley: