! cool! Wired: " OSX Transparent Desktop Opens Doors"

[quote:520031a038]Collaborating with co-workers in the same office is painful enough, but it's nigh impossible over a network. For a couple of decades, researchers have tried to blend shared workspaces -- systems that allow two or more people to work on the same document -- with Internet video-conferencing systems, with little success.

Now researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have designed a new system that cleverly blends a video-conference feed with a transparent image of a computer desktop into one full-screen window.

Called Facetop, the system simultaneously transmits a video feed of users along with a shared, transparent image of the desktop. It allows two colleagues to work on the same document, Web page or graphic, while communicating face to face.[/quote:520031a038]


Erg leuk artikel. Én onder OSX.

[quote:5096f19d3c]The system is implemented in Mac OS X and is made possible largely by the system's Quartz rendering engine, which can make any part of the interface transparent. Thanks to Quartz, a quick prototype was whipped up in about 45 minutes, Smith said.

A PC version will likely be [b:5096f19d3c]delayed until the release of Longhorn[/b:5096f19d3c], the next major version of Windows, due in 2006, which will include a similar graphics subsystem.[/quote:5096f19d3c]



Is het al ergens te downloaden?

This is gonna be big...