defragmentation ...again!

Hello to all of you again!

…what great to have received so many answers. I’m really happy with this forum-site.
By the way, I’m from Argentina (Dutch is still very hard to write) so my excuses for this.

About the iMac, I’m running :

OS 9.2.2
Capaciteit: 12.6 GB
beschikbaar: 8,3GB
percentage vol: 34

How is that possible that “been defragmentation necessary, Apple doesn’t suply the software with the machine at the time you buy it…?”

Personally I have no problems at all reading from (and writing to) users who don't speak or write Dutch, but I can image it might be somewhat anoying to Dutch people who don't master the English language. Of course you are very welcome here, but wouldn't you be better of at an English Mac OSX site? There sure are enough of those on the web, what brought you to this particular Dutch site in the first place anyway? (Just curious.)


Sorry, replying to your message, I totally missed the actual question you asked and I am sorry, I don’t know the answer. :oops:

Like iRuben wrote, there are many Mac related sites that support English or are only in Enlish. Like he mentioned,

Not that we want to get rid of you, no way, but maybe you could get a quicker response there than here.

About the defragmentation of Mac OS 9. Apple never included such a program. You can use tools like Norton Utilities 6 (with is included with Norton Utilities 8), TechTool.

Is a program like that necessary? Some agree and some don’t. In Mac OS Panther it isn’t anymore according to many others. But I think it’s still quite useful in Mac OS 9 and previous.

UseNet: comp.sys.mac.system

Because some of you show some interest to know why I visit this site, I must answer that I live in Amsterdam.:lol: and for a couple of years already..! and very happy to be around.

Thanks anyway for the kind replys, answering in Dutch is absolutely no problem, just that writing is impossible yet.

Ik heb nooit moeite gehad met het lezen en schrijven van Nederlands...

Defragmenteren is in pre-OSX-systemen goed voor de snelheid waarmee documenten op je harddisk kunnen worden gevonden. Het is dus wel handig, niet noodzakelijk. Als je een programma als TechTool 3 (die is nog voor OS9) koopt dan kun je daar heel veel hardware en software problemen mee voorkomen.

Ik zou zeggen: probeer het eens in het Nederlands. Je kunt van ons ook vast wel wat aanwijzingen krijgen om je Nederlandse schrijfvaardigheid te verbeteren. So, give it a try!

Another tip for you; try to use Sherlock for translations from Dutch to English and vv. The results can be crappy, even hilarious, but at least you'll get some general impressions about the Dutch language and even may learn something. :-D