Entourage 2008 - ERROR 17099

hoi, ik wil een group aanmaken met mails in en dat lukt Maar als ik de mail wil verzenden krijg ik dit

#5.1.3 partical domain not allowed
ERROR 17099

weet iemand toevallig meer over?
ik heb alle mails nog eens gecheckt die ik in de group gestoken heb dus normaal zouden ze moeten kloppen.

[quote:cdb7f14e5f][b:cdb7f14e5f]5.1.3 error in Entourage, and how to work around it[/b:cdb7f14e5f] If you're using Entourage 2008, you might have noticed that some of your contact groups may not be working anymore. When trying to send to a group of recipients, you might get a 5.1.3 error. Whenever I got that error, I’d open the group from within the email to see the bad address, and there was always a blank recipient at the end of the list. The remove button is grayed out so I can’t remove the blank line, but if I select the blank recipient, and then select the last recipient, the blank line disappears, and sometimes I can send the message. When I still can’t send the message, I found that the “sort list” button removes the blank entry, and I can send a mail using that list.[/quote:cdb7f14e5f]