EPSON 2100 / OSX 10.2 / OSX 10.3

Onder OSX 10.2 werken voor de EPSON 2100 de "cusom paper sizes" niet en settings die worden gesaved worden niet onthouden.

Heel vervelend…ik dacht steeds dat de Epson printer driver de schuldige was maar onderstaand berichtje geeft aan dat het probleem kennelijk in OSX 10.2 zit.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Jo Brunenberg,Internet writes:

I would like to offer hope to those people using Mac OS X and trying to
print using custom paper sizes.† As you probably have found out, custom
papers don’t work well (if at all) when printing using the standard
Epson drivers supplied with OSX (I’m not that familiar with GIMPprint,
so I don’t know if those work or not).† I just tested using OSX version
10.3 (Panther) and it appears that custom paper sizes DO work.† I
have successfully printed a number of prints using a custom paper size
with no problems.

Details are technically under NDA so don’t ask for more :wink:


††††† ~ john