Font bekijk & print progje

Wie kent er een goed OSX programma om een hele boel letterproeven mee uit te draaien van een grote map vol fonts?

Ben hier ook naar op zoek (geweest), en liep daarbij o.a. aan tegen FontVista. dat schijnt inderdaad te kunnen wat ik zocht: een index maken van mijn fonts, met zeg 10-15 fonts per pagina, liever meer. In eerste instantie leek het aardig te werken, maar ik ben op een goed moment gestopt met maken van index pagina's. Of dat nou was, omdat het niet voldeed, of omdat ik geen tijd meer had (daarvoor althans) weet ik alleen niet meer!

Meer info en download:

Ok. Ga het ff proberen! ThanX


[quote:31e6f15516]I recently purchased…
this program only to find out the program does NOT work as indicated and the company NEVER returns emails or phone calls.

I paid $40…
for this in December of 2001, and it was the biggest waste of money ever. Good premise (the only of its kind out there), but nothing works. When I try to print my catalog or generate a PDF from it, the data still dumps to the screen buffer without doing a d@mn thing else. One would think that after a year without an update, even a beginning CS student could fix this cr@ppy software. [b:31e6f15516]It will also burn down your house, put sugar in your gas tank, give you diarrhea, and kill your dog. Beware![/b:31e6f15516]

Good concept, but…
not quite there. Trying to view uninstalled fonts on a mounted CD crashed it every time. I really like that it will be able to view uninstalled fonts and print a catalog of them. But it needs the ability to turn off all of the active fonts and not just those in the system folder(s). When opened, the window should be blank with the user then choosing what font library(s) he/she wants to see. Catalog pages with columns needs a ‘back’ button to complement its ‘forward’ button. When inspecting the limited number of fonts that it would display without crashing, I wanted to look at previous pages for comparison. Page numbers should show in the footer in screen catalog as well as how many pages total (page X of X). Will be watching for some fixes and then will buy it.

I asked them…
about when this would be 10.2 compatible. They said they were working on it. Well, they need to keep working on it 'cause everytime I try to add a font it crashes or sits and spins and I have to force quit the app. I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it worked!!! More Info

Finally someone puts…
out a utility that can view offline/inactive fonts… well if it worked. Using the demo, ANYTIME I add a font it immediately crashes or shuts down with a stack error. I have over 1500 fonts that I’d love to slim down but can’t do effectively. Get this thing working properly and I will be more than happy to shell out the $30. 2 stars for the idea alone…[/quote:31e6f15516]

Voorzichtig zelf maar even proberen. ik verwacht niet te veel.