Gaat HP de shuffle & mini verkopen ?

HP to sell iPod mini and iPod shuffle?

By Larry Angell | 05.02.05 | iPod |

Following last month’s news that Hewlett-Packard has added the iPod photo to its lineup, Engadget reports that the company will soon start selling branded versions of the iPod mini and iPod shuffle. The gadget site says to expect both models on June 12.

While Froogle searches show HP product numbers of PW753AA (iPod mini), PX765AA (iPod shuffle 512MB) and PX766AA (iPod shuffle 1GB), the company would not confirm that it will offer the iPod models when contacted. “HP has not made any such announcements, and we do not comment on plans for future (or potential) products,” an HP representative told iPodloung


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zou me niets verbazen, alhoewel ik toch de apple versie prefereer