Get my iPad replaced in NL?


I am new to NL and don't speak Dutch, so have to write a thread in English. Sorry.

I will fly to the Netherlands next week and need to send my iPad to a service provider. The iPad was purchased last month here in Hong Kong and has evident dead/stuck pixels (not a single one). I don't know whether I can get the unit replaced. If yes, will they keep mines for a few days waiting for replacement unit to come or just replace right away? Since I will live in Tilburg, A Mac Den Bosch seems to be the nearest service provider for me.

Actually, the local service provider here in Hong Kong have replaced one unit for me. However, they replaced my previous dust-inside-screen iPad with a dead/stuck pixel defected iPad. This unit is worse. They recognized the fault and said that they can exchange another for me but need another six days. Since I will go to the Netherlands next Tuesday. The only option for me is to find a service provider in NL.

Thank you.

I think Apple has worldwide warranty. So a replacement won't be a problem. Maybe you can try to send them an email?

Thank you for your input.

Yes, I have sent A Mac a message via the form on their website.

I am a totally stranger to NL so just worried about the process.

If you're staying here for some time it shouldn't be a problem. Apple has world wide warranty for products like the iPad and A Mac is an authorized service provider.

You might have to visit an Authorised Service Provider from within a Premium Reseller.

I myself work at an Authorised Service Provider and we are an Apple Authorised Reseller, however we cannot service the iPad as of yet.