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Vanmiddag kreeg ik dit mailtje, is dit een misselijke grap ofzo?????

Hoi, dit is geen spam maar aan een tiental uitverkorenen geadresseerd.

Het artikel is ivm de verspreiding in het Engels.
Het betreft de ergste Apple bug ooit die toeslaat zodra je je apple systeem upgrade tot 10.2.6
Lees het rustig even door en doe er vooral je voordeel mee.


OSX.2.6 sets os9 deadly privileges on every harddisk and every harddiskvolume ever connected to an osx 10.2.6 system that cannot be removed.

What happens is the harddisk sectors like

  • the driver descriptor index,
  • the partition index,
  • the volume header block, and
  • the alternative header block,
  • the catalog B-tree
    are all set to lock !

So they can not be overwritten or altered by anything else then the osx admin system. So even when you take out the harddrive, format it under
DOS, mold it into an NTFS volume will not take these permissions away !!!

The result however is that when the system is also being used under os-9 this system will eventually fail completely within a timespan of weeks or months. Depending on the intensity of its use. You will see disapearing disks, you might lose valuable data and probeably to avoid further problems you will stop using OS9 (Classic).

However I found a painfull and elaborate way of desinfecting your systems.

no1. make shure you

  • Backup all the data you can.
  • 2 harddrives in your computer.
  • 1st harddrive (Master) 2nd drive (Slave) [NO Cable Select Setting]
  • Diskwarrior 2.1 under os9.x
  • Norton 5 or 6 on your os9 disk. (Do not use to make changes!!!)
  • A booteable os9.x cd-rom systemdisk
  • A lot of time - 3 hours minimum.
  • Disks are not bigger then 120Gb!!!


  • Startup under os9.x or if nothing starts from the booteable system cd-rom.
  • If you see the osx volume then erase/format the volume Erase the disk if you can. You also can use the “Drive Setup” Utility.
    (If your disk is already in big trouble and you cannot see your disk try shutting down the machine for several hours, change the dipswitches from
    ‘cable setting’ to ‘master’ and ‘slave’ until the drives can be mounted and seen on the desktop) or seen under the ‘Drive Setup’ Utility from your
    Utility’s folder

By formatting the os-x 10.2.6 volume you enable that the permissions set on your harddrives can be undone.

To get rid of all the unwanted osx permissions you must restart with extensions off (press Shift at startup).
Now you have to proces volume by volume and harddrive by harddrive with Diskwarrior 2.1 (Diskwarrior 3.1 will not work since it works under osx
10.2.6)This utility will not proces the startupdisk and the disk it has started from. This is why you need 2 diskdrives.

At the end you can check the result with Norton 6 or Norton 5. BUT
If Norton finds serious problems make shure not to correct them with Norton !!! Because Norton is not able to undo the permissions set by osx
10.2.6 and will result in total diskloss. In fact it is adviseable to reformat all drives because otherwise it will be hard to distinguish real problems from
the problems caused by the permissions from osx. This all means that you are about to copy a lot of data from one to another drive. The permisions
will not be transfered by copying data under os9.

When you need to work with osx there are two alternatives:

  • Your machine has to work with osx 10.2.6. only. You have to abandon the os9 boot and be verry carefull what external drives come in contact
    with this system. OR
  • You have to work with version 10.2.2 This one will only corrupt the permissions on the volume it is put on. Other volumes will stay intact. They
    still can be treated with Disc Warrior and Norton 5 or 6.

It’s a shame that software like Final Cut 4 need osx 10.2.6 to work and will not colaborate succesfull with os9 applications.

However there is no remedy for Diskdrives bigger then 120Gb !!!
This is a real problem for owners of big Lacie etc Firewire disks because all these drives are corrupted by one contact with a os-x 10.2.6 system.
Anyone who has the method to resolve their permissions problem is welcome to let us know.

To be able to make this article these facts have been encountered on more then 8 different machines. The procedure to get rid of the problem was
repeated on every machine with the same succes. Most machines are in the range of G4-400 - G4-1250DP.
The drives where 40Gb- 120Gb IBM’s, 80-200Gb WD Caviar’s and 1 120Gb Maxtor.
The utility that Apple introduced to prevent disappearing Harddisks under osx “Hard Drive Update 1” did not have any effect on any of these
The OSX 10.2.6 install was done by several 10.2.x installers with upgrades to 10.2.6 via the web.
and a brandnew OSX 10.2.6 dvd standalone installer.
All with the same devious results.

Good Luck with this information !

Kay Belik

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Hoe zit het eigenlijk met permissies onder Mac OS 9? Worden daar ook permissies in gebruikt? In ieder geval heel anders dan onder X…

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Wat een flauwekul!! nog nooit problemen gehad en draai 10.2.6 al vanaf de eerste dag dat het uitkwam en switch af en toe nog wel eens naar OS9.2.2....