iChat en video in Adium!

We're pleased to announce, jointly with the ChatKit project and Apple, that Adium (powered by ChatKit) will replace iChat in Leopard.

A future version of Adium, with ChatKit installed, is now running and working in prerelease builds of Mac OS X 10.5. These builds are currently only available to the Adium and ChatKit development teams. Here are some screenshots:



[b:38385d258e]bron en meer info @ http://www.adiumx.com/blog/[/b:38385d258e]

Even kijken wat er bovenaan de pagina staat:

Saturday, [size=18:00139172dc][color=red:00139172dc]April 01[/color:00139172dc][/size:00139172dc], 2006

Is in het [URL=http://forum.macosx.nl/viewtopic.php?t=74845]forum[/URL] al aandacht aan besteed ([URL=http://forum.macosx.nl/viewtopic.php?t=74845]hier[/URL]) :P

lol. vind trouwenswel lang duren voordat Adium nou eindelijk eens videosupport krijgt.

[quote:76d4ccd6ef="Strifer"]lol. vind trouwenswel lang duren voordat Adium nou eindelijk eens videosupport krijgt.[/quote:76d4ccd6ef]

Dat komt omdat Adium gebruik maakt van LibGAIM, dit is library voor de connecties met de vele chat-protocolen waar natuurlijk weer een heel ander ontwikkelteam aan vast zit.

En als ik even de site van Adium zelf quote: [quote:afe7d157d1][b:afe7d157d1]Voice & Video Chat[/b:afe7d157d1]

Adium does not currently have any Voice or Video (webcam) Chat functionality. The Adium team is aware that many users want to be able to audio/video chat.

Adium depends on libgaim for its protocol-level functionality, which means that information sent or received over (most) protocols must go through libgaim. We therefore can not offer audio/video capabilities until libgaim does; the Gaim team is working on implementing such features, but there is not currently any ETA on when they will be available.

Please don’t file tickets requesting or voicing further support for implementation. Every minute a developer spends handling a duplicate ticket is one less minute working on Adium itself. The original ticket requesting this is #6; for plenty of people already having voiced support, and some developer responses, see that ticket. [/quote:afe7d157d1]
precies zoals hydro dus al vertelde.

Als ik dan even kijk op de Gaim site:

[quote:afe7d157d1][b:afe7d157d1]Will you support features such as voice chat, internet phones, or video chat?[/b:afe7d157d1]
In the short term we have no plans to work on or attempt to integrate patches in these areas. However, one of our developers has created Gaim-vv, a “fork” of Gaim, which will be merged into gaim when a decent subset of voice and video functionality is implemented and stable. Having a separate sourceforge project allows people interested in such features greater access to development while not clogging the main thrust of gaim towards text instant messages.[/quote:afe7d157d1]

Bij mijn weten heeft adium geen project gestart om Gaim-w te implementeren, dus reken er maar niet op. Wel heel erg jammer en Gaim-w ondersteund alleen weer MSN-video chat geloof ik.