Wat betekend zdd in deze context

Staat er niet 2DD? 2 day delivery.

Ik kom die term letterlijk nergens tegen. Waar heb je dat gezien?

<p class="cite">koen op 14 mei 2019 om 15:22</p> Staat er niet 2DD? 2 day delivery.
Of zame day delivery. :P
simonkossen op 14 mei 2019 om 14:18 Wat betekent zdd in deze context❓
Welke context? We zien geen context.

The dag rooted at any node in a ZDD is itself a valid ZDD. Thus we expect straightforward recursive descriptions of many ZDD algorithms and properties.

Is mond en klauwzeer weer uitgebroken?


Kon dit vinden. Niet dat het mij iets zegt :wink: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6538547

ZDD (zero divergence directives)

MXF stands for material exchange format. MXF format is a brilliant format that supports no of streams consisting coded essence. The format developed for carrying the subset of AAF data model. The format follows the policy of ZDD (zero divergence directives). As such one can do the workflow between the non linear systems with the use of AAF and cameras, servers and many other devices. MXF has full time code with Meta code ability that helps in aims in offering platform agnostic those posses a static standard for using for future professional audio and video application.

MXF format is with the advanced authoring format subset that is helpful in standardizing the interchanging of videos between multiple platforms and vendors. In spite of so many features it may get corrupted or inaccessible. There are so many reasons responsible for the corruption or inaccessibility of the MXF files as the virus attack, software failure, the format not accepted while opening, registry files corruption, etc.

As such you can go for Mac photo recovery software for MXF recovery. The application is an efficient tool that easily recovers lost or inaccessible .MXF files. It is with advanced algorithm to recover your lost or corrupted .MXF files. Mac photo recovery software is an amazing application to repair the corruptions and resolve issues related to the .mxf file format aiming complete .MXF recovery. For the registry files issues go for registry repair software.

Ik ben hier te dom voor.

Ik denk dat Apple de laatste definitie bedoeld:




Aanduidingen als ZDD worden intern bij Apple of bij Apple service-punten gebruikt om een bepaald model van het (swap)toestel aan te duiden. Hoef je verder niks mee te doen.