itunes scherm niet te verplaatsen

ik kan als ik itunes open heb in mac het itunes venster niet verplaatsen, weet iemand hoe dit komt?


The iTunes window seems stuck in place. Several users have had an issue where the iTunes window is frozen in place. The program seems to function perfectly in every respect, except users cannot drag or resize the window. This problem has been associated with an incompatible "Accubeat" plugin that had been installed for iTunes 7. Apparently this plug-in is not yet compatible with iTunes 8, and should be removed for users who have updated. It is recommended that users remove any third-party plugins if they are experiencing faulty application behavior upon updating. If problems still occur then users should remove the iTunes preferences file (called and is located in /username/Library/Preferences/.

Remove the file named AccuBeatMix from Macintosh HD → Library → iTunes → iTunes plug-ins.

tnx! dat accubeat heb ik idd.. stom ik heb ervoor betaald en dan moet ik het eraf halen:(

ja update is er!