Kom op, waar is die Xpress beta Tijs 😢 ?

Ik begreep dat mr. Tijs die beta versie van Xpress al gedownload had, maar waar? In elk geval niet op de Xpress site.....



Volgens mij is die meneer gewoon een beetje in de war.

Die zit gewoon een oude bêta van XPress 5.0 te installeren en denkt dat het XPress 6.0 is. Een begrijpelijke vergissing bij XPress.

Ik denk dat we die conclusie wel kunnen trekken :wink:

Als iemand weet waar die beta kwark is laat het ons weten, die willen we graag testen......

[quote:c760af5cb5="hage"]Als iemand weet waar die beta kwark is laat het ons weten, die willen we graag testen......[/quote:c760af5cb5] Waarom. Er is zo weinig nieuws (alleen eigenlijk 'multiple undo', wat niet op alle dingen funktioneert, en betere previews, maar dat werkt alleen op bitmap plaatjes). Het is XPress 5 op OS X. Van de 'What's new' pdf die met de beta komt:

• Layout spaces
• Mac OS X support (Mac OS Only)
• Windows XP support (Windows Only)
• Multiple Undo
• Tables enhancements
• Layers enhancements
• Printing enhancements
• Hyperlinks enhancements
• Web Features enhancements
• Full-resolution preview
• New menu selections
• Changes to avenue.quark™ and QuarkXTensions™ XML Import software

Now you can convert print-based designs to Web-based designs or vice-versa, within one file. You can even include a Web layout and a print layout in the same file, and share text content between the two.
QuarkXPress 6.0 introduces the concept of project files that can contain multiple layout spaces. Using layout spaces enables you to design a project around multiple media publishing possibilities.
Every project file consists of one or more layout spaces. You determine what medium type (print or Web) will apply to each layout space. A single project can contain print-optimized and Web-optimized layout spaces, so you can keep all your project content in one QuarkXPress file. You can specify different page sizes for different print layouts within the same project. You can even change the medium type from print to Web or from Web to print, if your print and Web content are so similar that you don’t want to create separate layout spaces.

If you want to include the same text in multiple layout spaces, you can synchronize the text between different layout spaces. After you synchronize text, you can edit it in one layout space, and QuarkXPress simultaneously changes the corresponding text in other layout spaces.
You can use layout spaces to efficiently create content for printed output and a Web page at the same time. For example, you need to create a printed catalog of products, and you want to sell the same products at your Web store. You want the product descriptions to share the same text, but order procedures differ between the printed catalog and the Web page. To complete both designs, you can create a project that contains a print layout and a Web layout. After you complete the design for each layout, you can synchronize the text for the product descriptions.
Since the order procedures are different, you would enter each procedure in its appropriate layout space, and that text would remain unsynchronized.

QuarkXPress 6.0 has been designed to run in a native Mac OS X environment, and it supports XTensions™ software that are developed to run in native Mac OS X. The operating system support update is most apparent in the Mac OS X Aqua appearance, but you will also see it in the addition of the QuarkXPress menu and the Window menu when you launch QuarkXPress. Additionally, when you display a font selection, pop-up menu typefaces in font families are grouped in submenus.

QuarkXPress 6.0 has been designed to run on Windows XP. Support for Windows XP is evident in the Windows XP appearance, but QuarkXPress also supports features of Windows XP such as onNow power management.

The Multiple Undo feature extends the Undo and Redo capabilities that you’ve always used with QuarkXPress. You can use Multiple Undo to reverse one action or a series of actions, or to reimplement a series of actions. You can even use it to undo many actions that you couldn’t reverse in previous versions of QuarkXPress, including text and picture import, text linking, and style sheet edits, among others.

The ability to link text cells to one another, or to any text box in a layout, makes tables even more useful. Additionally, you can easily set the tab order of cells, so that you can move through a table in whatever way is most convenient for you.
Changes to the way you apply color to table elements, such as cells, the table box, and gridlines, make formatting your table easier than ever. Also, cells and gridlines can now assume the attributes of adjacent cells. This saves you time when you need to insert rows or columns that have the same formatting as adjacent rows and columns. For greater control over table appearance, you can even apply clipping settings to pictures in picture cells.
QuarkXPress 6.0 can remove gridlines, so that table cells abut one another, and snap a gridline to guides for precise positioning.
You can convert a table to a group, which is useful when you save a layout containing features that are not supported in previous versions of QuarkXPress.

QuarkXPress 6.0 offers an additional option for specifying which layers will print from a print-optimized layout space. While you can still check Suppress Output inthe Attributes dialog box for each individual layer, you can now also use the Print dialog box to specify in one step which layers should print.
Another improvement to output options is in the behavior of Suppress Output settings.
A layer’s Suppress Output setting now overrides, but doesn’t modify, the
Suppress Output settings for each individual item on that layer. When you checkSuppress Output for a layer, none of the items on the layer print. When you uncheck Suppress Output for a layer, QuarkXPress honors the Suppress setting(Item & Modify) for each item on that layer.
The locking behavior of layers is also improved. When you lock a layer,
QuarkXPress prevents items on the locked layer from being selected or modified. All of the items on the layer are locked. When you unlock it, QuarkXPress honorsthe Lock setting (Item menu) for each item on that layer.
A new command, Select All Items on Layer, is now available in the Layers palette context menu.

QuarkXPress 6.0 offers several improvements to output features for print-optimized layouts. You can now create smoother blends, manage color at the final output device, and create a print layout space that can output composite color as well as separations.
To print smoother blends when you output to a PostScript Level 3 device,
SmoothShading is available in QuarkXPress 6.0. SmoothShading lets you print gradients without using separate bands and static halftone values, resulting in improved quality in printed blends from many devices.
As Is color describes colored items using their source color space when you output to a PostScript composite color device. This lets you color manage output at the final printing device. You can apply As Is color to printed projects and EPS files that you create in QuarkXPress.
DeviceN lets you output blends, multi-inks, colorized TIFFs, and other items as composite color, while retaining their color separation definitions. When you use DeviceN, QuarkXPress defines an item’s color by listing its ink name and the ink percentages that combine to create the color. If you output a composite file to separations from third-party software, the ink percentages are used to print on the plates. If you output the item as composite color, the ink percentages and their colorants are combined in the alternative color space to create a composite color.
This lets you print a single print-optimized layout as composite output as well as inseparations.You can even apply DeviceN to EPS files that you create using the QuarkXPress Save Page as EPS feature.

You can create page-to-page hyperlinks within a print-optimized or Web optimizedlayout. You can even use the Append feature to append hyperlinks associatedwith URLs to a project.
The Hyperlinks palette has also been updated to make it easier to use. For example,
you can specify the way the Hyperlinks palette displays hyperlinks and

The Web features enhancements in QuarkXPress 6.0 make it even easier to create eye-catching Web pages.
The ability to create and apply cascading menus, new to QuarkXPress 6.0, lets you create Web pages with a comprehensive user interface. Using cascading menus lets you simplify your design by “hiding” menu items until the user moves the mouse pointer over a specific item.
Creating font families for cascading style sheets gives you greater control over your design. By specifying a font family, you can determine what fonts will be used to display your Web page if the original font is not available to the user.
The two-position rollovers feature of QuarkXPress 6.0 allows you to add greater visual interest to your Web pages. Because a two-position rollover lets you specify separate origin and target boxes, you can make rollovers from text or picture boxes in different areas of the page — the design possibilities are limitless.
To make preview and export more convenient, HTML Preview and HTML Export features have been added to the context menu.
There are a few improvements to form controls in QuarkXPress 6.0:
• You can quickly create form boxes by changing the content of an existing box toForm.
• You can place a form on a layer.
• You can create form boxes in table cells.
You can change the name of a browser in the Preferences dialog box.
You can specify additional export folders for pictures and raster text boxes in Web layouts.


QuarkXPress 6.0 can display pictures on-screen using the picture file’s full resolution. This allows you to scale or magnify the image with minimal pixelation and lets you create more accurate QuarkXPress clipping paths.

Some QuarkXPress menus and their commands have changed. A new menu, Layout, is now part of the QuarkXPress interface on Mac OS and Windows. On Mac OS, a QuarkXPress menu and a Window menu have been added. Additionally, commands to display and hide feature palettes have moved from the View menu to the Window menu.

Both avenue.quark software and QuarkXTensions XML Import software have been updated to include more comprehensive placeholder features and a more intuitive interface. For information about these changes, please see A Guide to avenue.quark Software and A Guide to XML Import QuarkXTensions Software.

You can save a 6.0 project as a QuarkXPress 5.0 document or template. If the project specifies As Is composite color output when you save a 6.0 project as a 5.0 document, settings default to composite RGB color space. If the project specifies DeviceN output, the composite color space is changed to Composite CMYK.
Layer locking behavior reverts to 5.0 functionality. When you save a project as a 5.0 document and the project contains multiple layouts, QuarkXPress saves each layout as a separate document or template file that is appropriate to the layout’s medium type.

ik wil hem gewoon testen en vergelijken met indesign...niet via teksten of magazines, maar echt op mijn mac ....dus zou ik graag willen weten waar die beta te downloaden is...


    1. 8)

Wat zijn het ook een stel diefen die jongens van quark... Zo weinig update (ja ok hij draait op OS X) het is gewoon het zelfde programma.. Durven ze hier weer zo'n belachelijk bedrag voor te vragen?? Waarom werken mensen nog met quark??

Was gisteren naar een lezing van indesign in zwolle geweest en dat was erg interresant. Zoveel wat quark niet kan... Ik ben echt benieuwd wie de slag straks gaat winnen! Quark6 moet wel heeeel wat zijn om met indesign de strijd aan te gaan. wie zal winnen oud of nieuw...

Hi guys,

Ik heb die beta inmiddels ook.
En ik moet toegeven voor een beta istie aardig stabiel.
Maar het is inderdaad niet meer dan kwak 5 met een paar xtra features.



[quote:afad5799f3="ateazz"]Hi guys,

Ik heb die beta inmiddels ook.
En ik moet toegeven voor een beta istie aardig stabiel.
Maar het is inderdaad niet meer dan kwak 5 met een paar xtra features.



Kan je dit sharen vriend :kiss: [*slijm] :mrgreen:

Natuurlijk (groenige) vriend

Waar kan ik hem uploaden


iChat ik stuur je vanavond pers. bericht oké? 8)

heb hem nu ook al n week of twee. ben drie dagen op lime wire geweest. maar daar had ik genoeg van toen kreeg ik n tip van tijs!: carracho

wat een bummer zeg :) niets veranderd in de nieuwe versie! :) noujaah, het was al een rulend pakket :)

[quote:e88dd9f541="ateazz"]Natuurlijk (groenige) vriend

Waar kan ik hem uploaden


Deze groene vriend krijgt net een cdtje thuis afgeleverd.
Thanks any way :wink:

Nou ik heb hem eindelijk maar het is dus niet de moeite waard, want hij doet het niet.... bij het instaleren krijg ik de volgende melding:

[b:ab096a4e20]the validation code cannot be used
with the selected regional settings[/b:ab096a4e20]

nou daar zijn we happy mee
alle moeite voor niets…

waarschijnlijk moet je dus een amerikaans systeem hebben draaien

kut kwark

nou weet ik weer waarom ik indesign veel beter vind…

zet je em toch gewoon op AMERIKAANS! :D

dat is nou juist de oorzaak van deze ophef. omdat tijs vroeg hoe hij hem moest installeren

Okee dan ga ik het ook maar een keer vragen hoe zet ik hem op amerikaans.....?

trouwens als men kwak 6 wil hebben ik sta op lime en acq…

ik heb het al gevonden ff het landenschema veranderd, geinstaleerd daarna weer teruggezet op nederlands en hij doet het .......

dus gaan we kwak 6 is ff grondig testen…blijf erbij dat ik indesign beter vind…