Kopieren naar externe harddisk

Als ik probeer mp3 files van mijn Imac naar een LaCie externe harddisk probeer te kopieren dan krijg ik een foutmelding (fout -50) Wat doe ik verkeerd ??

vanop de Lacie website:

[quote:85b61fcd0f]Some LaCie drives ship out formatted FAT32 so they will be ready to use on either a Mac or a PC. If you are getting error -50 when copying to a LaCie drive, or any drive formatted for PC, it is because of the following:

Certain characters that can be used in a Mac OS X filename are not allowed in MS-DOS filenames. This can prevent the file from being copied, and can occur when a filename contains non-printing ASCII characters, or any of these characters: ? / < > " | > *.

Either copy the data off of the drive and use Apple’s Disk Utility to erase the drive in HFS+ format, or change the filenames of the documents that cannot be copied.[/quote:85b61fcd0f]