Logicboard defect? (engels)

'scuse het engels, maar het is weekend :)

I’ve got one of them dodgy dual usb iBooks, it’s a 15 gig model, 600 mhz, came with mac osx 10.1, was on the cheap from Dixons a few years back.

The serial number is valid for a free logicboard replacement, according to the Apple website.

It’s run OK for the last two or so years, has fallen asleep sometimes when it shouldn’t have, and the battery pretended to be dead for three months or so, but then I went out and bought (bought) panther.
What a palava, a full run down of the install can be found here… http://forums.macnn.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=219048

Situation now is this, weird purple screen after booting up unless the option key is pressed.

It’s like the iBook can’t find the OS for some reason.

Question, could this be attributed to the logicboard? I don’t want to take it to for what could be costly repairs (Groningen, Bossina), when the thing is running on OS 10.1 and OS 9 fine, and since I’ve already blown my “vacantiegeld” on Panther and iLife.

Then again it isn’t nice to think that there is a problem waiting to emerge at the least opportune moment.

Your forum has the most in depth probing of the problem I could find on the web btw, kudo’s.

Comments or suggestions welcomed in any language you like.


L'attitude une fois dans les préférences de système vers opstartschijf. On ne se trouve pas peut-être cette institués sur panther, mais sur le réseau ou quelque chose d'autre. La sonnette autrement une fois avec un mac concessionnaire, (ou Dixons !) peut-être qu'avoir ces plus d'informations ?


Kijk eens in systeemvoorkeuren naar opstartschijf. Wellicht staat die niet ingesteld op panther, maar op netwerk of iets anders. Bel anders eens met een mac dealer, (of Dixons!) wellicht dat die meer info hebben? Volgens het nieuw burgelijk wetboek is je verkoper verplicht je garantie te geven, ook na aflopen van de officiele garantie! En als Apple die garantie nog eens verlengd is het helemaal makkelijk.

Pointed the start-up the right way (mucho gracias :)) and first time boot up went perfect....


2nd and 3rd looked a lot more like the screen shots at the top of this…


[quote:212b327bfb]2nd and 3rd looked a lot more like the screen shots at the top of this......... [/quote:212b327bfb]

Congratulations, you just won a FREE new ibook logic-board! (obtainable at a nearby Apple Repair Centre) :wink:
Look here: http://www.apple.com/support/ibook/faq/

BTW, What is a Palava?

[quote:6e8445eeca="buurman"]What is a Palava?[/quote:6e8445eeca]