Mac's uit de goede oude doos - Van de Apple I t/m de flat-panel iMac

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Daar kun je alle modellen, ooit door Apple uitgegeven bekijken op specs enz. Echt leuk om terug te zien! Een bezoekje waard mensen!

Dit was de Apple I:

[i:post_uid0]The Apple I

Codename: ??
CPU: MOS Technology 6502
CPU speed: 1 Mhz
FPU: none
motherboard RAM: 8 k
maximum RAM: 32 k (65 k hacked)
number of sockets: n/a
minimum speed: n/a
VRAM: 1 k ROM: ?
L1 cache: n/a
L2 cache: n/a
data path: 8 bit
bus speed: 1 Mhz
slots: ??
SCSI: none
Serial Ports:none
ADB: none
Floppy: optional
HD: none
Display: 60.05 Hz, 40x24 text, w/ automatic scrolling.
Sound Output: ??
power: 58 Watts
introduced: April 1976
terminated: 1977

The Apple I was Steven Wozniak's first contribution to the personal computer field. It was designed over a period of years, and was only built in printed circuit-board form when Steve Jobs insisted it could be sold. It debuted in April 1976 at the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto, but few took it seriously. The Apple I was based on the MOStek 6502 chip, whereas most other "kit" computers were built from the Intel 8080. The Apple I was sold through several small retailers, and included only the circuit board. A tape-interface was sold separately, but you had to build the case. The Apple I's initial cost was $666.66[/i:post_uid0]


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