message iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an invalid response was r

Goedendag allemaal,

Ben nieuw hier. Zie onder, is in brak Engels maar ik kreeg het niet gepost bij Apple. Superkort samengevat: mijn iPhone 5 wil sinds update naar iOS 10.x niet meer praten met iTunes op mac pro. Iemand zelfde/gelijkaardig probleem? Lees hele post voor alle dingen die ik al geprobeerd heb.

Hi all,

When I connect my iPhone 5 to my MacPro iTunes I get the message iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an invalid response was received. I count many hits on this issue throughout the internet.

MacPro 1.0 running 10.7.5 Lion, all updates and patches applied.
iPhone 5, running iOS 10.2, all updates and patches applied, no jailbreak nonsense.
iPad Mini 1, running iOS 9.3.5, all updates and patches applied.

Former behaviour:
iPhone running 9.X.X. connected to MacPro, recognized by iTunes immediately.
iPad Mini 1, recognized by iTunes immediately.

Current behaviour:
When I start iTunes, plug in the iPhone with USB cable with USB directly on the mac USB port (no hub) the message appears immediately: iPhone not recognized in iTunes with message stated above.
iPad Mini 1, recognized by iTunes immediately.

Intermediate changes:
Update to iOS 10, 10.1, 10.2 on iPhone, problem starts from 10.

Actions taken:

  • all the usual hardware checks, patches, updates and so on, all`s ok.
  • all possible USB ports, new cables, …
  • all suggestions about resetting iPhone (network etc. etc., even a complete restore, all ‘do you trust this machine dialogs’ and other accessrights ok). iPhone runs perfect but same message appears
  • all antivirus and the like switched off, safe mode, …

Other findings:

  • Image Capture opens too, recognizes the iPhone but says that I have to unlock it (icon of phone with lock next to it) and message Please unlock ‘iPhone’. The message does not disappear when I unlock my phone, cannot import pictures. Actually, it gives the unlock message regardless of being locked or not, but maybe this sheds some light on it. Conclusion: nothing wrong with connection because the phone IS recognized.
  • On the net there are suggestions as I should at least have 10.9.0 as OS on the Mac. But it worked fine with 10.7.5, so I think this is not the solution.
  • Tried several other suggestions on the net like ‘reset lockdown folder’ etc. etc.

Quite remarkable:
The sole reason I bought the iPhone for was putting my music on it so as not to need my old iPod anymore.
Guess what: the iPod is from 2006 (that’s Stone Age in the digital world, the one with the magic wheel, remember? :slight_smile: ) When I connect it at this very day it works perfectly! I mean, a 10 year old device with an obsolete OS works fine, the iPhone did also, untill the update to iOS 10.

You may notice I work with “older” devices (in this whole story the iPad behaves perfectly but has not enough ram to store my music and this type cannot update to 10 (which in this case may be a blessing). Of course it came up to me that upgrading should do the thing but thats an investment I will not make because it is cristalclear the iPhone can perfectly communicate with the mac (like Adobe Bridge and all kind of programs for images), because it did before the iOS update and does it still for images, vids, … So, I think this is really, really, iOS 10 that crippled it. Downgrading isnt possible (or at least a project Im not willing to undertake) and not advisable either for security and privacy), though it would solve it. Also thought of downgrading iTunes but same thoughts.

Any suggestions?