Netgear NAS

Heeft iemand ervaringen met dit product.

Ik denk er over dit product aan te schaffen maar kan nergens achter halen of dit op mac osx werkt bijvoorbeeld via smb://

Ervaren en reacties zijn welkom

thanks : Probably the biggest gripe we have with the SC101 is the lack of support for non-Microsoft platforms. Support is for Windows 2000 and XP only, and users who think that they can get around this will be disappointed. Unlike other NAS devices that are just mapped to a drive letter, the SC101 actually does require a driver to operate, so it's not possible to map the drive manually in Mac OS X or Linux after configuring it in Windows. However, Netgear is purportedly developing drivers for Mac and Linux, so it's worth checking the current status before making a decision to purchase.

Thanks, andere oplossingen ?