New FREE sample package(wavs)FX05(original effects)

Because a part of you don't use Reason prog. , here : ( point 28 )

you can download the samples package version of DoruMALAIA-FX05 (42,5 MB uncompressed). This package has archived like rar archive and have now only 21,3 mb size ! You need WinRAR program to decompress this package .( If you don’t have WinRAR , here can download for free the last version : )
DoruMALAIA-FX05 samples package contains 50 wav samples (a beutiful strange world for your soundtracks or songs !)!.Those samples can be used in any program which know wav format ! All of those samples were recorded in CoolEdit PRO 2.0 at 44100 hz/24 bit , processed and then dithered down to 16 bit ! All of those are original and produced by me !
Ofcourse , the refill version (for Reason prog) of this package remains available at the same location !
And samples package version and refill version are FREE ! Free to download , free to use (excepting sale actions or re-included on other public refills or samples packages). You can use those samples how you want in your compositions !

Enjoy my friends !


Please stop. This is going to look like spam.

What spam ? It's a joke ? We talking about FREE ! Many hundreds of peoples sended to me e-mails with thx every week , and you talk about spam ? ( Why are you so disturbed by FREE samples ? Or you have some commercial interests ?) This is only your opinion ! See what peoples said : Seems like hundreds of peoples are crazy (and happy ) and you are the only one normal !?!! :lol:

Just ignore this post and let all of these peoples to enjoy !

If you have something FREE and useful to give to this community , do it , i will download and i will say : “Thank you !”!

Doru :slight_smile:

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Doru, please stop! Your English is disturbing, your website is ugly, and we don't like [b:e2ed8b966b]win[/b:e2ed8b966b]rar.

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