OS X.3 can be intalled in an iBook G3 ..?

I've an iBook G3, 300mhz, running OS 9.2.2 and I wonder if there's anybody with experience about making the big jump to OS X.

is this a clever movement…?

Thanks for all the tips, Fernando

I've installed it on an Ibook G3 500 mhz and it's no problem at all! So on a 300 mhz version it should work! And i'm perfectly happy with OSX! :D

the older Macs perform even better running on osx , I have at home an old 233 mhz imac and that walks as a train I will the certainly advise to make "the big jump" , ( exposé goes what more slowly )

Mac OS 10.3 can be installed on an iBook 300 Mhz with enough memory. I recommend 256 or more. But remember the hard drive isn't that big, only 3 Gb. And installing Panther fully takes more than 1.5 Gb.

I have my own Bondi/BlueBerry iBook 300 Mhz, which is running Mac OS 9.2.2… I tried Panther, but it’s too damn slow. Okay, you can use wordprocessing, internet, MSN or iChat, but something like iPhoto is too much for this iBook.

Just remember to upgrade the firmware of your iBook otherwise you could face some problems.

BTW, here is the link where you can find the right information about the firmware and which firmware update you need for your iBook:


Just give Mac OS X a try and you can always go back to OS 9 if OS X doesn’t meet your expectations.

Hi, i've got two iBooks clamshell, so the 300 mhz. Both of them i'm running only 10.3.33. No problems, only the booting time takes some more in compare to other macs... I've installed 256mb extra memory so now i've 288mb memory and i changed the HD (by myself) from 3Gb to 40Bg. Now the iBooks are also more quiet than before. So i say: NO PROBLEM TO INSTALL OSX 10.3.3 on the iBook 300mhz. :lol: