OS X Support Feedback, kijken of het helpt !

Ik heb het volgende bericht in de feedback sectie van Apple's OS X pagina geplaatst, kijken of het helpt. Misschien kunnen meer mensen dat doen en gaat het echt iets uitmaken;

[quote:c3e2ea9cbc]There are some things with the finder I would like you to look at. Perhaps a couple of tips for the next version. I am sorry if all the "names’ used are not exactly specified as in the OS, I am a Dutch user and use a Dutch version of OS X 10.3.4 so I had to translate the best I could. I am sure you will understand what I mean, if not, use my mail address to inverstigate my meaning. (This applies to syntax errors too) :wink:

  1. Being a normal user (eg. not root) the finder sometimes seems to forget my preferences, and it is giving me a hard time getting them back. I like to watch my files and folders in the colom view. On an given point the finder decides that I need to view my files in icon view. Ajusting the preferences to “Open new finder views in colom view” does nothing. Throwing away my preferences from lib/preferences will help sometimes, but not always. Resetting my rights is not working and running disktools to repair permissions is not always the solution. What is wrong? I’ve noticed that more people share this problem.

  2. A lot of people (includiing me) miss the option to make a custom Apple Menu, as was possible on OS6/7/8/9.x For smaller screens (I have just bought a 12" Powerbook G4) this saves space, the dock is not always an ideal solution. Aspecially if one has a lot of program’s installed. Can we have that back?

  3. The finder view, aspecially in colom view, should have some buttons to quickly re-sort what you see. Options can be; sort on Name, Type, Date, Time, Size. I know this is possible in the preferences, but sometimes you just want a quick-sort. And concider an option to do this for the current folder, all folders below current folder or all folders on this computer.

  4. It would be great to have an option to set preferences for all folders, not only the one you have open. Perhaps a finder control panel where a lot of options like these can be set. Per user and in general for all users on this computer.

I don’t want to step back to OS 6/7/8/9.x, a lot of things are 1000% better in OS X, but it is a waste of knowledge and software not to use the ‘handy’ things that where availeble. Let’s combine them and make an even better GUI.[/quote:c3e2ea9cbc]

Nummer 2 heb ik opgelost door mijn Applications folder in het rechter deel van mijn dock te zetten. Klikken en ingedrukt houden en je ziet al je programma in een mooi scrollmenu,..

Wat betreft het custom applemenu is het programma Fruitmenu een optie. Vrijwel volledig zelf in te delen (in 't Engels). Werkt uitstekend.