problems with Master Boot Record

I had a problem with a virus which was in my MBR and was deleted using Norton Antivirus, on my hard drive. I was running Windows XP, when I tried to boot the system up I got the blue screen of death. I tried to reboot in safe mode, no result. I tried in last good configuration, no result. I put in the Original CD and tried to do a repair. Nothing. then I tried with the repair mode, boot CFG , Fix CFG and finally the FIX MBR. Nothing worked. then I checked the disk with Partition Magic 7 and tried to overwrite the MBR. This did not work and I now cannot format the MBR at all or place a new one over it. I have a Maxtor 40 GB. I would like to reinstall Windows XP and other apps. but when I try to setup XP it does recognise the disk but won't format it. Can anybody out there help me ???? to get back to the original state of my MBR and the use of my HD ???? :cry:

[url=]ranish partition manager[/url]

prachtig programma, heb er ook al zo een zaken mee hersteld.

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Get a better life, get 3 macs! (and a PC)

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