Quark fourms. Where have they gone?

Uit de Adobeforums: correspondentie tussen Quarkgebruiker en Quark.

[quote:0bae5c8ee2]Back to my favorite vent: absence of Quark fourms.

Here is the latest response:
Thankyou very much for your feedback. I didn’t forget your request.
Here is the information that I gathered from management on your request for online forums…

There are user to user forums you can use. They are:
a) QuarkXPR: http://www.xpressobar.com/tips/quarkxpr.web.shtml
b) CTP-Q:

NOTE: This is not just about QuarkXPress. It’s a good technical forum about page layout.

It is our opinion that a forum is good for customer sharing technical tips
and tricks. We do not share in your assertion that a forum is an objective or fair place to discuss business issues. We will let you know once we have technically oriented support forum back online, but this probably will not be until next year.

I hope this helps.

Thank you

“We do not share in your assertion that a forum is an objective or fair place to discuss business issues.”

Of course, objectivity and fairness. The hallmarks of Quark’s customer service policy.[/quote:0bae5c8ee2]

Quark vind niet dat een gebruikers hulp en vraagbak forum objectief is of kan zijn. ‘ergens volgend jaar’ komt er pas weer een Quark forum. "Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt!’

Lees zelf meer (nr 75 van 80):

Ik heb sterk de indruk dat Quark helemaal geen klanten meer wil en ze langzaam maar zeker wegpest.

Indruk :? ? Stond dat niet al vast!

Als inmiddels verstokt InDesign gebruiker sta ik als nogal negatief te boek wanneer het gaat om Kwak eXpres. Vandaar wat rustig aan gedaan. Maar als je wil dat ik even scheld op Kwak dan doe ik dat hoor.

[i:b077eb05b5]Gelezen op adobe Indesignforum:[/i:b077eb05b5]

We know know why Quark has closed the forum, and why the company treats costumors the way it does:

Adobe seceretly bought Quark four years ago and is now slowly running the company down the drain. This would explain everything! It’s the only reazon that makes perfect sense! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Quark is ook zo’n dankbaar bash-onderwerp. [i:b077eb05b5]The company you love to hate"[/i:b077eb05b5]