Superdrive (Pioneer

Is er iemand die ervaring heeft met het gebruik van de Superdrive als dvd-rewriter?

Ik heb begrepen dat als je bv. Toast Titanium als brandprogramma gebruikt de Superdrive als dvd-rewriter te gebruiken is. Het gaat toch om een Pioneer DVR-104. In het systeemprofiel wordt de Superdrive ook aangegeven als DVD-RW.

Type 104 weet ik niet, maar DVR-105 is idd een dvd-RW (DVD-R at 4x, DVD-RW at 2x, CD-R at 16x and CD-RW at 8x)

Toch niet goed rondgekeken, info gevoden over DVR-104 doch je dient zeker op te letten bij aankoop dat er de allerlaatste firmware opstaat. Zie bijgesloten bericht afkomstig van xlr8. FYI For anyone that missed the DVR-104 (and 103) firmware update links/notes in the main site news pages at last fall when it was first released, as well as notes when the mac flasher versions were released (and those from Apple) - all that info is listed in the FAQ's DVD section here. The full details, mac download links (at pioneer and Apple's version of it) has been in the FAQ here for future reference for readers that missed the past news page items. As mentioned in the main news page when it was posted, this is to address the issue of high speed DVD-R/RW media possibly locking up the older drives/firmware where the drive laser could be damaged. Granted 4x DVD-Rs are still fairly rare - and also note as I mentioned in the news page, why buy 4x media for this 2x drive when even apple notes it will only write at 1x speeds with 4x media even after the firmware update. DVD-RW 2x media also will be limited to 1x by the DVR-104 and DVR-103's 1x DVD-RW max rate. I'd still apply the firmware update for the DVR-104 (and 103) but just a FYI to readers not to waste money paying more for 4x DVD-R or 2x DVD-RW media, since 2x media will write faster and cost less in the 104 and 103 drives. [color=#444444:80c8612f5a][/color:80c8612f5a][size=9:80c8612f5a][/size:80c8612f5a]