Verborgen optie in Google Notifier..

Easter egg

As a reward for reading this far, here’s a hidden feature you might like. Pull down the Notifier menu (either Calendar or Gmail), hold down Command and Option, and click Preferences on the menu. You’ll see a hidden settings editor. Enter MaxMessagesOnMainMenu in the Key field (upper and lower case must be entered as shown) and 20 in the Value field, then click Set. Quit Notifier and start it up again. Now, when you pull down the Notifier menus, you’ll see all your Gmails and all your Calendar events listed in single menus, without any “View More” sub-menus.

If you want to get the sub-menus back, get the hidden settings editor back again, enter MaxMessagesOnMainMenu for the Key, and 4 for the Value, then click Set. Quit Notifier and start it again, and your sub-menus will be back, good as new.

Bron: Google Mac

Om met Microsoft te spreken: WOW!