Belga cigarettes is al enkele jaren failliet. Ik zal eens bij mijn grootouders kijken.


bestaan deze nog? ( bastos )...was volgens mij in een iets ander verpakking (belgisch)


[quote:b3d0019d49="Mezzanine"]bestaan deze nog? ( bastos )...was volgens mij in een iets ander verpakking (belgisch)[/quote:b3d0019d49]

Van die afbeelding krijg ik bijna zin om te roken :smiley:

Toch maar lekker niet :wink:

Bastos bestaat zeker nog! Sommige Nederlandse tabakwerderverkopers hebben het zelfs.

Het merk bestaat nog en is nog steeds te koop. Denk alleen dat het niet meer in België geproduceerd wordt. Kan me herinneren een tijd geleden in een krant er iets over gelezen te hebben. Ze hebben de afbeelding door de jaren heen een aantal keer "verfrist".

Beetje raar dat je er ook met Google weinig info over kunt vinden.

Het merk is nu eigendom van British American Tobacco. Verhaaltje... fabriek is blijkbaar al in 2004 gesloten...

[b:2191e0a586]Last cigarette factory to close[/b:2191e0a586]

06/11/03 - The last Belgian cigarette factory is to close its doors. Next year the Tabacofina-Vander Elst plant in Merksem in Antwerp is shutting down with the loss of 230 jobs.

It’s the end of an era, the closure of the factory that has produced Belga cigarettes since 1923. The Belga brand is quintessentially Belgian and a winner. In those heady days when smoking wasn’t frowned on and before there was even a hint of health repercussions the brand held a third of the Belgian market.

The logo of the Belga lady that has now become cult and the packet’s colours appealed to our patriotism. The slogan “You never smoke a Belga alone” a true find. The brand was Belgian market leader for many decades. But today the heritage of Alphonse and Francois Vander Elst has passed into foreign hands and is now owned by British American Tobacco.

Despite attempts to launch new products the Belga brand has lost its one time dominance. Belga has a decidedly older feel and attempts to launch new products have failed to make much impact with younger smokers preferring American brands. Today Belga cigarettes only make up 13 percent of cigarette sales in this country.

The news of the plant’s closure was announced Wednesday during a meeting of the works council. The announcement took the workforce by surprise.

The unions estimate up to 30 percent of employees will be able to qualify for early retirement. The management has also indicated its wish to set up an employment unit within the company to help employees find a job elsewhere.
It says the unions have a crucial role to play here.

The management argues that there is no future for the factory in Belgium. Production lines are hopelessly out of date and require investments of at least 10 million euros.

The management says this cannot be justified at a time when the business is facing over capacity. There are also doubts about the size of the Merksem plant.

The plant only provides room for capacity to produce 6 billion cigarettes annually, while today modern factories are equipped to manufacture 30 billion cigarettes.

After the closure of the Merksem plant Tabacofina will only produce cigars at Leuven.