virtual pc - hoe win95 installeren

wie iemand hoe je windows 95 kan installeren in VPC?

Op mijn pc had ik daar een bootfloppy voor nodig, maar aangezien ik in mijn ibook geen floppy heb… en installeren direct van de cdrom wilt ie ook al niet.

Ik heb ook al geprobeerd om de bestanden van mijn win95 bootdiskette op een vpc-diskette-drive te zetten, maar dat werkt ook nie. :x

[quote:df3094452c]1. Launch VPC and hold down the "option" key (option key brings up the preferences dialog).

  1. Highlight the “C” Drive (left window). Create a new hard drive (right window) and enter the desired size of the drive.

  2. Click the “Restart” button. Ignore the “Non-System disk or disk error Replace and press any key when ready”.

  3. Drag the “OS_Install.img” (located in the Installing Other OSes folder on the Virtual PC 3.0 CD) to the “Eject Floppy” button at the bottom of the Virtual PC window.

  4. Press any key. The following message will appear: This will prepare your current C drive for installation of a new operating system. This will overwrite your current configuration files on the C drive. Are you sure you want to continue? [Y,N]? Type “Y” to continue, type “N” to cancel. Drive C is now bootable and ready for installation.

  5. Eject the floppy disk and restart the PC environment from the Control menu (or by holding down the control-option-del keys).

  6. Insert the Windows 95/98/2000 CD 8. As soon as the C: prompt shows, change to the E: directory by typing “E:” (no quotes) and the return key (E: directory is the CD) .

  7. Then type in “setup” (no quotes) and the return key. This will load the Windows 95 or 98 installer. Windows will auto-detect most of the emulated hardware. If you have an ethernet card installed on your Mac that you will be using, be sure that the ethernet controller in the Virtual PC preferences box is enabled before starting step 2. If you are installing Windows 2000 or NT, you have now finished. If you are installing Windows 95 or 98 there are two more steps:

  8. Once you’ve finished installing and have booted into Windows 95/98, shut down Windows 95/98 from the start menu while holding down the option key. This will shut down Windows 95/98 and bring up the preferences dialog. 11. Select the “Extras” (PC DOS), “Extras 95” or “Extras 98” hard drive image (located in the Extras folder in the Virtual PC 3.0 folder on your hard drive or on the Virtual PCª 3.0 CD) as the D Drive. Click the “Restart” button. After Windows 95/98 has loaded, open the D drive (from My Computer) and double-click “VPC3ADD.exe”. This will install the Mac Integration files (sharing folders, mouse, synctime, etc.).[/quote:df3094452c]


copier die diskete naar een cd dan gaat het wel