windows in alle accounts

laatst mijn zuster overgehaald om ook Imac te kopen. zij en haar familie zijn er helemaal blij mee: alleen het volgende: bij hoofdaccount is windows onder parallels geinstalleerd, in de andere accounts is deze niet aanwezig, wat moet ik doe om dit wel voor elkaar te krijgen?

[url=]How Do I Install Windows XP On My Mac With Parallels Desktop?[/url] [quote:c075c27bf7]Here's the info for sharing Parallels with multiple users:

“I want to share a VM with several user accounts on my Mac. Is it possible?”

Yes, to share VM with several user accounts you need to do the following:
Put the VM files (".pvs" and “.hdd”) in your shared folder (for example, Macintosh HD - Users - Shared - VM folder)

In Finder, right-click (or Ctrl-click) on the folder with the VM and select the “Get Info” option from the pop-up menu

In the opened window expand “Ownership&Permissions” group

Expand “Details” group

Set the access level for “Others” to “Read&Write”

Hit “Apply to the enclosed items” button

After it’s done, each user of your Mac should be able to access the same VMs.[/quote:c075c27bf7]